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Bitcoin Reserve is now inviting sales agents to join forces with our team of bitcoin experts and specialists. We seek individuals with contacts to High Net Worth and corporate clients.

Getting involved in bitcoin can be a daunting process. We possess the required brokerage structure of licensing, liquidity and banking to support your sales, and propose you consider working with our company to provide your clients and contacts with our exceptional services.

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HNW individuals and corporate officers are savvy people who understand the value of owning bitcoin, and are willing to buy bitcoin to secure a portion of their personal wealth or on behalf of their funds’ balanced asset allocations.

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When it comes to making a financial investment, these sophisticated investors prefer to purchase bitcoin from someone they know, like, and trust.

That’s you.

You’re in the perfect position to arrange significant transactions as your HNW contacts start transferring some of their wealth into bitcoin, assisting as their facilitating agent.

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Our industry veterans have been buying and selling bitcoin since 2013. We have the experience and expertise that ensures your clients will enjoy:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Convenience
  • Customized attention

Our reputation guarantees a quality experience with absolute satisfaction. We know the industry thoroughly and we’re seeking qualified individuals.

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Not only will you receive a referral payment from Bitcoin Reserve, you will continue to get residual income based on any future trade the client makes!

Working with our executives can enhance your reputation as a connected agent, advisor and resource. Should you qualify to work with our team of industry professionals, your HNW contacts will appreciate that you’re positioned with a valuable resource to help them secure and expand their wealth with bitcoin.

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