Specialized Bitcoin Brokerage for Contemporary Investors

With a personal approach, our team is here to understand every client’s unique situation and build a custom solution for their bitcoin investing needs. With dedicated support, infrastructure and priority access to deep liquidity, our concierge service is available for HNWI, family offices, and privacy conscious investors.

Client Benefits


Concierge Client Advisory

You will have a direct line of communication with our core team via text, email, or phone and be able to leverage our extensive time in the Bitcoin space to help answer any questions you may have about Bitcoin or the investing process.


Custom Orders

Bitcoin Reserve is able to accommodate custom buying/selling schedules and amounts through our Private Liquidity Desk.


Multiple Settlement Options

Conduct the trade using various banking and stable-coin payment methods. Receive your bitcoin over lightning or over the Liquid Network


Tailored Trade Execution

Our personal service provides you with order execution options tailored to your style — place orders by phone, email, or encrypted chat.

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