Bitcoin Reserve launches to remove the complexity of buying Bitcoin in Europe

We've launched to remove the difficulty of Bitcoin-buying in Europe. Simple and safe services for consumers and HNWI.

by Nik on 23 Jul 2021

They tried to kill Bitcoin. They published hundreds of premature obituaries, but it refused to die. Instead, it became the financial story of 2020. And now everyone from billionaires to ordinary savers want a piece of it.

But most people’s first experience of the Bitcoin ecosystem is terrifying. Exchanges and brokerages are bewildering and unfriendly places for the new investor. No wonder so many people end their bitcoin-buying journey without purchasing a single satoshi, defeated by the unnecessary complexity.

This is especially true in the market where Bitcoin should do best. European consumers are used to moving money at the tap of a screen or the click of a mouse. But when it comes to bitcoin, the user experience is inefficient at best, cumbersome at worst.

That’s why we founded Bitcoin Reserve: to meet Europe’s demand for a simple, intuitive hassle-free place to buy bitcoins.

We make it easy for everyone from new investors to high net worth individuals to buy and sell any amount - simply, securely, and quickly. We’ve created two core services. Flash enables anyone to buy or sell Bitcoin easily, either instantly or according to your own investment schedule, up to a value of €50,000.

Our second service, Concierge, is a bespoke service designed for high-net worth individuals and institutions looking to buy/sell amounts over €50,000. Concierge features rapid onboarding, a high-security/high-privacy approach and multi-region compatibility, giving high net worth individuals a trusted Bitcoin broker to support their investment goals.

Both services are built around a single, universal hub for all your Bitcoin needs, enabling anyone to get started quickly and easily.

We are transforming the way Europe buys bitcoin, making it smart, simpler, and intuitive for all. Join us and begin your journey today.

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